A walk Between The Two Hemispheres

Photo by Ermal Tahiri on Pixabay

I walk on the path between the two hemispheres
that mistakenly seem just material and too earthly.
It looks they are that when one is louder than the other,
when the one rules, keeping its pair almost silent.
I sense processes, vibrations in my whole body;
the place is pulsating, in symphony with my heartbeat.
I touch, I observe, I surrender to the miracle;
matter upgrades itself when recognizing its tenant.
A noetically formed energy lies within everything;
the only thing that is simultaneously in and out of spacetime.
I saw my Self which is made only of that energy;
It talked to me from that field where clocks are useless things.
The climax you search for is here on this path;
just harmonize the two sides, the semi-shpericals.
Wider perception, utilizing both at the same degree,
uncovers the experience of the whole brain functioning.
And there every paradox is automatically explained.
Epiphanies become natural events; this is your fate.
You’ll see that death is just a flash that makes you something else;
you’ll use that proof to live now more peacefully on Earth.
I looked at the surroundings to picture them before I let go,
feeling me, within myself, inside my enkephalos.
I stood and sensed and spoke non-verbally
to those two hemispheres I know we’ll synchronize.
I have seen what you accomplish when you are united;
when equally used, you make life a nonstop harmony.
I leave you now to go back to the earthly consciousness;
I influence (y)our waves to be at 38 Hz.

Δημοσιεύτηκε από τον psomiadouanthi

Writing, Life coaching & Counceling, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.


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