On Behalf Of The Parthenon

Parthenon’s poetic monologue
(…as it was formed in my mind to cover a need of mine; the Parthenon itself doesn’t need to express anything. It just is. And it makes its strong statements just by that)

Image by nonbirinonko from Pixabay

Barbarians, Christians, Franks,
Turkish, Venetians, and British.
My wounds have many names,
but they were all barbaric.
So many people passed and left marks
of dis-respectfulness;
an egoistic need of signaling
that they were there.
No matter what you represented,
you‘re mine now.
I feel so weak and insecure;
who cares about a sacred vow?
Let’s come up with the greatest
I’ll put a cross, you’ll put a minaret,
let’s rape this!
I’ll throw a bomb, you’ll burn
it to the ground.
Elgin will come and say 
“I’ll steal what I found”!
You may think I’m angry,
you may think I’m hurt,
that I am disappointed
by this species’ lost bet.
But while barbaric swords were raping
my sacred cup of life,
I stood there impenetrable, 
representing an essence wise.
How could I be in pain?
This is not possible.
I’m not just my marble flesh;
my image is just symbolic.
I represent an era of 
a wider viewpoint;
which also had black pages
in the book of its history.
But, it also had many struggling souls
that saw the divine face to face;
that noetic energy knows that
humans are not a lost case.
So, I’m still standing here 
for thousands of years,
with lost and destroyed material,
but still transmitting that atmosphere.
I’m not in pain but those who
hurt me are,
because they’re not truly aware yet
of their beyond-material part.
Every now and then they 
expand the horizons,
until that final level
where they’ll be that wise noesis.
Not for winning something in the future,
not for a better “who knows when”.
But for living a continuous now
within a bliss of full extent.

Inspired by the film «Parthenon» , by Costas Gavras

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Writing, Life coaching & Counceling, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.


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