Burn Everything Down

To us, freedom is scary. For now.

Photo by Lux Productions on Unsplash

Under the permanent threat of Recep’s
war-friendly mentality,
we buy and buy again killing stuff,
filling our armory.
His unpredictable psychology is fed
by his dream
of resurrecting the Ottoman Empire,
and become a «king». 
Many of our politicians also find
the opportunity for deals
that build their financial security
for as long as they’ll live.
Intermediaries rub their hands,
waiting with anticipation
their part of the golden pie;
who gives a shit about the nation?
Taxes are paid, military equipment
is multiplied,
while our hospitals don’t have toilet paper;
the patient has to bring it!
A part of our dept has been created
by deals that were done
under the table; being a Greek civilian
seems to be fun…
Average income at around six hundred
Pensions were cut; we had to save the
German banks, folks!
Oh, Greece of the now, with your bright
ancient depth and spirit!
You haven’t understood, you haven’t learned yet
how to utilize it.
You are dragged by those who stand and
walk firmly
on the fundamentals you contributed to
be built.
So, let’s burn these archives, the texts, the
Knowledge of our deep, insightful past.
Put there the contracts, the agreements for austerity
measures, and clean the …dust.
Fire, then! This is the right method for getting rid
of values and qualities we find unnecessary.
Burn everything down!
To us, for now, freedom is scary.

I hear the Tiger Lillies in my mind now;
they sing for me «Start a fire today«!

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Writing, Life coaching & Counceling, Criminology, and more. But I simply do these, I am not these. I just am.


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