57 Sacrifices

Tempi train crash — a modern Greek tragedy

Σκίτσο: Instagram @ababaasteriou

Σκίτσο: Instagram @ababaasteriou

Impudent mouths in front of TV cameras
spelling words of mourning they don’t feel.
Political parties arguing over dead bodies
like hyenas hungry for votes, ready to steal.
Communication managers in panic
but still daring to do their job “well”,
trying to ease the pain and loud voices
of a society that rings outrage’s bell.
Journalists that see themselves 
as public opinion’s sculptors,
working on reversing events,
paid to be professional manipulators.

Two trains were running on the same line
facing each other for twelve minutes.
No one in this whole damn system
acted within responsibility’s limits.
Absent or unsuitable employees and technology;
crash and death were the answer to it.
Years of ignoring warnings of a few;
a political system that doesn’t give a shit.
“Those souls didn’t leave in vain, though,
because the railway will be improved now”!
That’s a statement of a journalist-my-ass
who has asshole-ness’ know-how.

So, 57 “Iphigenias” had to be sacrificed
in order for our leaders to start doing
the job they’re paid for with fat salaries,
instead of continuing promises’ chewing.
Great! Let’s explain that to the parents
of so many young people who died.
“Isn’t your pain lighter now?
Doesn’t this feed your pride”? 
What if you had done your duty earlier?
Wouldn’t that be better, you bastard?
But, since you take votes and you’re paid,
just showing up at the Ministry is your standard.

Congratulations to us, then!
A country of the EU of 2023!
We needed a tragedy to wake up;
 — still not sure that we “see” — .
We protest now in the streets,
demanding justice, defending our rights,
but we are not angry only at the “system”.
We also have internal fights.
Because we know we are also responsible;
our ancestor, Isocrates was right:
The ethos of the whole state
is the same as that of those who govern it.

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