Spacetime Travel

A second chance, to appreciate the first

Image by Photovision from Pixabay

That elf gave him a second chance,
and he was about to accept the gifts.
He was going to become a kid again,
keeping the knowledge of his 50’s.

All those years he had seen
that everything would be different
if the tools of adulthood
were available in the early years.

Reading, searching, analyzing,
writing, digging inside,
to bring all the unconscious
under the consciousness’s light.

A day was born once more,
as the Sun faced this side of the Earth.
The diary was ready to go “back”
to one year after his birth.

The elf came and asked again
Are you sure about this, my friend?
He answered by nodding,
although his intuition rang a bell.

The elf provoked a whirlwind
that lifted him into the upper atmosphere.
He passed through layers of different colors
into the past’s parallel sphere.

His mom was putting him to bed
in the room that smelled of kid’s soap,
after that warm bath in the tab
that always made senses wake up.

His fifty-year-old conscience 
with many wounds healed
tried to react accordingly
to create different relationships.

But what seemed to be a privilege 
was the basic problem now,
because memories weren’t erased;
they were there, confusing him somehow.

Not only he remembered and experienced 
the past for the second time,
but he also remembered a future now;
the version he had left “behind”.

That future would be different 
because his reaction to the stimuli
would pass through different filters;
the ones of the evolved “I”.

Knowing why his parents acted as they did,
having seen, explained, forgiven their mis-takes,
he tried to make them realize fast
their unconscious motives, their traps, and nets.

A realization was developed gradually,
and came as a “surprise” after three years.
Most of the things he wanted them to see
they didn’t see them, as it appears.

They experienced some epiphanies
during that life-cycle, but
many things remained unseen;
it wasn’t their timing for that.

One day the elf came above his bed
with a smile of understanding.
Your intuition tried to warn you, 
but obviously, you had to live this.

What was your purpose then, my friend?
To push the widening of your parents?
Each human being expands itself
when they’re ready and do their own process.

You did a great part of that for yourself;
that’s the only person you can change.
Things do happen differently now,
but it’s not the version you expected.

Your wider horizons could be a lantern to their path
even with your 50’s body, before accepting my gift.
But this would be just a trigger, a light.
It’s up to the one who walks to use it as they please.

Did you do your own expanding
to correct “mistakes” of others?
You can’t, and you have no right!
Finding their Selves is their business.

Because, if this would be possible
the species could never be upgraded.
It would be a kid with overprotected parents
who never let it stand on their feet.

Your intention was good although it shows
that you still have a bit of a need
for self-affirmation through external factors;
correcting others to prove your skills.

You have already proven to yourself
that you have the courage
to alchemize simple metals of the past
into the gold of pure existence.

This way you are for many
a living proof that it is possible for all
to make the just-fleshy part of them
be assimilated by their inner god.

But being an inspiration as you are
is different from you forcing them
to make an eight-meter jump
while they just reached the one of four meters.

That noetic loving willpower
that inspired the Cosmos to create itself,
never pushes for anything;
true love can never be freedom-less.

Our friend was listening carefully
crying from relief because
he realized that his recent experience
fully coordinated with these words.

Now that what he used to read
had become knowledge through experience,
a river of light in his thorax
united heart and brain with mind’s essence.

The elf sensed that and told him
You’ll pass through the layers once more.
His body became physically fifty years old,
but he felt more than ever his loving core.

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