Abandoned Umbrellas

«Loosen your flesh, and dance, dance»!

Photo by Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash

She was listening to the drops on her umbrella,
thinking what am I trying to be protected from?
What is the worst thing that can happen
if I become wet to the core?
Am I made of sugar?
Am I going to be melted?
What’s your problem here, my dear persona?
You used to think of umbrellas as useless things.

Are you hiding from the sky?
Are you afraid of being exposed to its “eyesight”?
Do you refuse to leave the ground?
Is this an obstacle between you and the bridge of light?

Is your image so important?
Will wetness spoil your un-wrinkled clothes?
Are you asking for validation
from the ones that bow down in front of icons?

What about the other fields of life?
Do you hold there invisible umbrellas?
Do you raise walls between yourself
and loving human fellas?

Are your feelings shrink-ed the same way
you squeeze your body in your umbrella’s range?
Did you put your previous openness
in a dark and punishing mental cage?

Are you deaf or do you refuse to listen
to the concert of Nature’s orchestra?
There’s a continuous musical calling;
loosen your flesh and dance, dance!

She looked at her dirty shoes
that had attracted at the rain’s peak
wet dust from the street
without this being really catastrophic.

The questions of the Voice
put her recent past’s mentalities
under the rain, and washed them,
freeing her mind from useless boundaries.

A man was coming towards her
and he couldn’t stop laughing
thinking “people are mad nowadays
as she passed by him dancing.

He detected something black on the ground
through the heavy falling drops;
an umbrella was abandoned there
having served its purpose.

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